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Elektro, House, Techno

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    About the Suicide Circus

    The charm of the 90s

    The Suicide Circus reopened its doors in 2009 and tends to still live from its old reputation. In the 90s the techno club was located in the Dirckenstrasse in Berlin's Mitte district. Since the new opening the club is now located on the RAW-Gelände (RAW-Compound) near Warschauer Strasse. The owner Ralf Brendeler, who has owned it since its start, runs Suicide Circus without much paraphernalia: There are a couple of couches, a few windshield wipers, walls covered in graffiti and limited space. Here it's not about mass but class: Brendeler only books acts that he personally knows, such as DJ Mori or Jake The Rapper! He also doesn't let his DJ's come be hired through agencies; instead he places special value on knowing what the DJ has to offer. All these values have a noticeable effect; the atmosphere in the club is uniquely personal! The club is relaxed and despite the RAW location is not as touristy as other clubs in the area.

    Conclusion: The charm of the 90s comes across with new life!

    Where is the Suicide Circus


    Re­valer Strasse 99
    Berlin - Friedrichshain

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