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Hip-Hop, Rap, House, over 30s, Soul, R&B, Charts

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    About the Spindler & Klatt

    What? Of course it's Spindler & Klatt!

    Behind the former granary of the army bakery in Kreuzberg lies what look like an inconspicuous club. However just swing a left around the corner and you'll find yourself in an open and almost too perfect lounge directly on the Spree.

    The fresh air from the Spree entices every and all kind to flood into Spindler & Klatt for one reason, to flirt! Success is almost guaranteed, at least for those there for that reason. Aside from mediocre and overpriced food and cocktails Spindler & Klatt has two small dance floors on which the consumed calories can easily be danced away to HipHop, House and/or Electro. The staff is always friendly and even the bouncers have not lost their sense of humor and are friendly too. So if you're looking for a nice conversation over a glass of wine then Spindler & Klatt is the perfect place for you.

    Where is the Spindler & Klatt


    Köpenickerstr. 16-17
    Berlin - Kreuzberg

    Public Transportation

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