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    About the SO36

    The sacred hall of big city Punk

    The SO36, close to Henrichplatz in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, is named after the historic zip code SO36 which represents Berlin's Kreuzberg district.

    PUNK IN SO36

    The collectively-organized club is aware of its tradition, after all Punk and New Wave giants like Slime, Dead Kennedys, die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen and Suicide have perfomed here. Even The NDW, among others, got its jump start into the Berlin club culture at SO36.

    SO36 boasts a program that’s as diverse as its audience and even today the greatest acts in Punk perform spectacular shows in this sacred hall.


    Advertised as Berlins Best Bad Taste Party "my ugly x" is an integral component of SO36's program. Every last Friday of the month people rush to SO36 in their terrible outfits that they might well have found in the basement or at moms house. And they only want one thing: A lot of fun with good disco music.

    SO36's "Gayhane" event welcomes straight and gays or lesbians to enjoy a wonderful mix of oriental sounds and exotic lighting effects that transform the SO36 into an exotic canopy, where you can spend an intoxicating oriental night all while nestled in the middle of Berlin.

    Of course, the prices here are reasonable as well with soft drinks from 1,50 €, beer (0.3 l) from 2,80 €, and long drinks from 5,50 € (as of 8/2013).





    Where is the SO36


    Oranienstraße 190
    Berlin - Kreuzberg

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