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Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Alternative, Independent, Dub

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    About the Rosi`s

    The perfect introduction to Berlin's clubscene

    In a bunker like building at Revalerstrasse 29, the eastern end of the Berlin club mile, you will the catacombs that are Rosi's. Since 2003 this tradition rich club has impressed with it's diverse music selection and with it's effort to not become too mainstream.

    Rosi's really plays almost everything. Whether it's Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electro, Techno, Hip-Hop or Indie, chances are you'll hear it at Rosi's. The club also boasts diverse music themed series that are spread out over the month in the Karrera Klub (Britpop/Indie) or Terrabeatsreihe (Worldmusic). Besides these, every now and then Rosi's also hosts poetryslam events or extravagant concerts. The club itself has two floors and a garden with a sheltered dance area. On the lower floor are two dance floors, bar and wardrobe. For large events the upstairs area, with kicker tables, a seating area, and another bar, is opened. Rosi's has survived in it's location by Berlin standards a lifetime due to its wonderfully done rundown charm.

    Due to its international student atmosphere Rosi's is known for its relaxed attitude both from the personal and visitors and you'll always find yourself being able to hop in for a visit with it's moderate entrance and drink prices.

    Where is the Rosi`s


    Revaler Straße 29
    Berlin - Friedrichshain

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