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    The charm of Kotti, felt even through the windows...

    Monarch is located directly at Kottbusser Tor (Kotti) and offers guests a stunning view of the Kottbusser Tor train station with it's large windows. This leads to a certain charm that lets you know exactly where you are: This is Kreuzberg and it's alive and kicking.

    Monarch is also an awesome place for concerts, which the likes of Jackson Scott, Chris Menist and Jens Friebe have proven.

    The bar/club also offers something for book enthusiasts with the publishing firm Verbrecher Verlag holding public readings here.

    And last but not least a trip to Monarch is also worth it you just want to party. Although it is more of a bar than club, Monarch is definitely still a party location. On the contrary, Monarch lends itself to multiple interests which is exactly what makes it so attractive. While some are dancing, others are in conversations (the music is not so loud that you have to yell at each other) and others still are in the front playing Kicker. Yes, The Monarch may be small but it is very very mighty.

    Where is the Monarch


    Skalitzer Straße 134
    Berlin - Kreuzberg

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