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Elektro, House, Afterhour, Minimal, Techno

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    Bizarre partygoers wanted, gawkers stay out

    Katerholzig is the new home of the former Bar 25. On a ground filled with nooks and crannies and a beautiful access point to the Spree is where the Electro festivities filled with underground charm take place. The popularity of Bar 25 has led to Katerholzig's immediate fame and hence you can expect a very long wait in line and with bad luck you will not make it past Katerholzig's infamous door policy. In line the international crowd is entertained by a small kiosk and the sounds stemming from Katerholzig's grounds. The music inside from the DJs caters to everyone from Electro newcomers to Electro diehards. However Katerholzig has much more to offer than just being an electro club. Kater features indy theater & movie pieces, flea markets, coffee and long drinks are on the roof, freshly baked pizza and other goodies at the Spree and Swing dance courses are during the week. However sadly Katerholzig is overrated, as a normal visitor you will pay more for "the myth" and you will stand in line longer than average and likely not make it past the bouncer. Kater is definitely worth a visit but it will not be a revelation once you’re in.

    The Bar 25, formerly at Holzmarktstreet, had to close it's doors in September 2010 due to Berlin's urban development policy. In it's seven years of existence Katerholzig has through it's extremely stern door policy and the resulting party folk stemming from said door policy reached a mythical status that has left a stamp on Berlin and many of Berlin's current clubs.


    Where is the Kater Blau


    Holzmarktstraße 25
    Berlin - Friedrichshain

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