Kaffee Burger

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Alternative, Independent, Punk, Jazz, Balkan Beats

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    About the Kaffee Burger

    Local Hero

    The Kaffee Burger is located in the heart of Berlin, right on the border between Berlin's Mitte & Prenzlauer Berg districts, and has become a favorite of both Berliners and international visitors alike. Even before the Prenzlberger local heroes Wladimir Kaminer and Yuriy Gurzhy made the now legendary event "Russian Disco" an integral part of the program in Kaffee Burger the place enjoyed great popularity.

    It's the rustic atmosphere in Burger and the bands that play here that make the hearts of clubbers beat. Kaffee Burger is not just for fans of Balkan beats, but also for people who just want to spend a nice evening in a somewhat run down but iconic venue which showcases the real character of Berlin. Therefore it's no coincidence that the pop icon Madonna decided to celebrate her birthday at Kaffee Burger. For 30 years Kaffe Burger has been an integral part of the Berlin club scene and nowadays you can party until the early morning hours with both the somewhat repetitive Russian Disco and the Mixed Cassettes Party.

    Where is the Kaffee Burger


    Torstraße 60
    Berlin - Mitte

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