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    About the Gretchen

    Not a replacement for Icon - but a damn good start.

    In the former stables of Prussian Queen Regent Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland is where dance culture now reigns. With their new club Gretchen the operators of the former club Icon have clearly cemented their legacy in Berlin's club scene. The charming atmosphere of the royal vault, with it's beautiful cross-vaulted ceilings and circular columns that dominate the center of the room, provide a stunning contrast from the normal wooden shack clubs that are common in Berlin. Despite a tendency towards electro music played from DJs, Gretchen also boasts some exquisite international Live-Sets from various labels and collectives. These Live-Sets play range of music between Electro and Hip-Hop that is one of a kind in Berlin.

    Gretchen is more a less an inevitable product of the dying club scene in Prenzlauerberg. After a long lease extension that included a tremendous amount of back and forth negations, the former club Icon was forced to close its doors after 15 years. Icon's closure resulted in the opening of Gretchen in Kreuzberg. Even established party locations such as "RECYLCE -Berlin's finest Drum'n'Bass" have survived a similar move.

    So if you’re looking for a chilled out dance night far away from the mainstream or an exclusive club concert Gretchen is perfect, especially due to its very reasonable entrance prices. The only mark on Gretchen's record would be that the sound quality really could be better and a bit more fame wouldn't be a bad thing for Gretchen.

    Where is the Gretchen


    Obentrautstr. 19-21
    Berlin - Kreuzberg

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