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    The best club in Europe

    What’s behind the door of the most famous club in Berlin? The answer is a night that you will never forget. However first a little history on the legendary club; the name Berghain stems from the Berlin district Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. The origins of The Berghain began after the legendary club Ostgut closed down following a 30 hour farewell party.  After the building Ostgut called home was demolished, the organisers of Ostgut discovered a former power plant and instantly knew they had found the home for The Berghain.

    The Berghain is split into two levels, upstairs is home to the so called Panorama Bar where mainly House is played while guests enjoy an amazing view of East Berlin. Downstairs is what is actually called The Berghain, and it’s dominated by steel and concrete at every turn. This is also where you will find the legendary “Dark Rooms” in which people openly perform sexual acts. And of course then there is the massive dance floor which can house 1500 people and plays the best Techno and Tech House in Berlin. Preview?

    However as great as Berghain is, one has to be aware of the bouncers and their door policy. Only a select few will make it in, and particularly unlikely to make it past the door are groups, people that are dolled up or dressed sharply (no suits etc.), and openly affectionate couples.  Despite the harsh and arbitrary door policy, once you’ve made it inside, you’ll be greeted by a mix of people and a relaxed mood that is in itself legendary because everyone inside feels like a winner for having made it past the toughest door in Berlin.

    So need I say more? If you are a fan of either Electro or Techno you need to experience what awaits you inside The Berghain.

    Where is the Berghain


    Rüdersdorfer Straße 70A
    Berlin - Friedrichshain

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