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Rock, Alternative, Independent, Burlesque party, Rockabilly

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    About the Bassy Cowboy Club

    Asphalt Cowboy

    Lying in between White Trash and Pfefferberg on the crowded Schönhauser Allee is Bassy Cowboy Club. This is the type of club you come to if you enjoy high quality live music in a relaxed atmosphere.

    The club, which is relatively small, includes a smoking lounge that’s usually filled to the brim with smoke and a small dance area.

    For a modest price you can party at Bassy into the early morning hours with good music or just drop by for a cold beer to admire the dance-crazed crowd in their perfect rockabilly outfits during "The Great Country Swindle" nights, which have become a regular event at Bassy that is sure to not be forgotten from those within the Berlin club scene.

    Burlesque in Asphalt Cowboy

    The Burlesque events are always a highlight and current transsexual events can be found at Sheila Wolf.

    The decor is somewhat reminiscent of the crazy White Trash, but also of many other clubs in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshein, and Kreuzberg: Bassy basically follows the formula of throw everything on the wall and see what sticks. Inside you can find everything from deer antlers above an unsophisticated landscape picture with mountains to skulls and crossbones and even the chairs and tables seem arbitrarily placed. The amazing thing about this interior is that it feels so delightfully casual and cozy at Bassy.

    Conclusion: Bassy Cowboy Club plays great music, the people are friendly and in a good mood, and the alcohol prices are reasonable; a clear recommendation for all.



    Where is the Bassy Cowboy Club


    Schönhauser Allee 176a
    Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

    Public Transportation

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